Jamaica, May 22nd, 2013


For breakfast , I cut into the biggest avocado that I had bought.  Well it was big because 80% of it was the pit.  I guess it was a local heritage variety.  I also tried an imported pear which was small and not sweet or tasty at all.  The fingerling bananas are nice.  A lot of stuff is imported. I’m actually craving broccoli which isn’t served much since it is imported.  It was broccoli season at home since it went cheap in price.

It must be a cultural thing where everyone acknowledges any one that you see, including strangers.



Driving out of  University of West Indies campus.  There are some old ruins of aquaduts and forts.




we are in a new part of the campus called Mona Technology Park not in this building  but across from it.  note the coloured windows.  


a department that you wouldn’t see at home


jamaican money

I’m rich! not after but you  move the decimal points 2 places.

Morning at the classroom then to the office, will be going back to the …bank and then meeting with a benefits consultant downtown.  We have spent so much time 10.5 hrs, at the bank, 1/3 of time is just waiting with our queue number.  We have even asked to speak to the branch manager to speed things up.  The problem was not having supporting documents to open up an account.



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