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hundreds & hundreds of scrapbooking tips

27th June 2013 | Closed

from my online subscription to magazine

each link has 50 tips.


why I sometimes feel that I live in a fraternity house

16th June 2013 | Closed




This is literally came out of the fridge and I couldn’t resist taking this photo once I put it on the counter.  And in case you don’t recognize this essential cooking item, it is piece of ginger.  Thought this would be a good posting for Father’s Day to honour all thing male.



Eric’s Convocation at University of Toronto

13th June 2013 | Closed

1 down, 2 and 1/2 to go.  Eric graduated today, Adam is 1/2 through his masters, Noah and Ryan have years left!

There was magnificent rainbow today, not just one but two! Unfortunately, I couldn’t take pictures while driving on the Gardiner Expressway.    This makes it an extra special day for Eric’s convocation from University of Toronto.  The showers held off so that we could take photos after the ceremony.


Honours Bachelor in Arts majoring in Transnational and Diaspora Studies.

proud parents of our newest graduate



At St. Michaels College that Eric was enrolled in.




new dance studio & store opening

1st June 2013 | Closed

June 1 st, 2013

address of  new dance studio, down the stairs, south of Gerrard



speeches before the ribbon cutting ceremony


Noah, David RF (owner of RightFoot), Eric

inside RightFoot dance studio



live entertainment for the studio opening

inside NOZO Toronto’s newest store


and Eric’s office.  Yes that is a Triceratops head.