The name of this website comes from my Chinese name”keem lan (loosely phonetically translated )” which means sword- flower. Sword-flowers are also known gladiolas in English.

This website will be my personal journal featuring some of my design work in jewelry, crafts and paper arts.  As well the go-INGS  on of  family life.

Check out the different categories:

Flipping Pages: what I’m reading

Artist Trading Cards: a little bit (2.5″x3.5″) of ART to share

Boob Tube Indulgences: what I’m watching on TV

N.E.A.R. to my heart: the princes Adam, Eric, Noah & Ryan. David is the king.

Design Details: any thing that isn’t paper

Paper Passions: CSI-cardstock, stamps, inks – paper arts

There are also links to my family of origin in Vancouver and my family of creation in Toronto. This are featured in ingwu.com


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