hookahs in Jamaica, May 21st, 2013

You have to read further about hookahs, I put it in the title just to ‘hook’ you in.

For breakfast, I had leftovers for breakfast.  I had red snapper and they also serve it with Carr’s style crackers.


Morning at UWI campus, Business Management building.  It was hot and dry today.


Even Kenny who is a local, complains about having rice and peas all the time.  He just wants a tuna sandwich!  And I started to feel the same about Jamaican so it was a nice surprise when we found a middle Eastern restaurant instead of  the intended Mothers which has ice cream as well as patties.  This looks like a new strip mall with a supermarket  too.   The middle Eastern restaurant was called Aladin.  Though it wasn’t full of treasures, it did have a lot of hookahs for sale.  I ordered Fatoush Salad, beef Shawarma and David had a falafel sandwich.  The table had a bottle of hand sanitizer too which I don’t know if the restaurant supplied or left behind by another customer.  I used it.  The server came and wiped the table before we ate so maybe they are focused on cleanliness too.  The food was good  but the pita bread was thinner than what we have at home.


this was the Fatoush salad (cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, parsley, mint, lemon & pomegranite juice) which had pita chips in the middle.



left: David’s falafel and my beef shawarma

After lunch, I went to the supermarket to buy plantain chips.  Most were not made in Jamaica.

Back to the bank but at least this time, we got the accounts opened.  We had to wait an hour before getting served and then another 3.5 hours to complete forms.  Once again, we were the last car in the parking lot and had to get the security guard to let us out.

We bought E back to Aladin so that he could order dinner there, dropped him off at his hotel and then went to get our dinner from Chelsea Jerk.  We ordered 1/2 jerk chicken, leg and thigh and 1/2 lb of  jerk pork.  I think the jerk pork is better.  We had leftover rice, callaloo, green beans.  We had a mango which was quite stringy, guess its the local type.  And mango carrot juice which also has orange and banana in it.



Finally jerk food.  Which was flavourful and spicy.  My mango carrot drink, note the frozen cherries used as ice cubes.  Jerk pork on the left and jerk chicken in the box. At the restaurant, you go to one window to pick up your chicken and then to a different window for your pork.  We noticed that they used a Chinese style meat cleaver.   Most of the restaurants that we have eaten at are close by.  This is down the street from the apartment.  callaloo.

Watched Men in Black 3 which had a hilarious reference to Andy Warhol and a tear jerker reveal ending.





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