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21st June 2007 | Closed

Heroes, Prison Break, Battlestar Galactica(new series),Nip&Tuck are all on reruns. And so are lots of my other favourite shows. But I discovered some new shows instead like Real Housewives of Orange County and especially the Riches.

The Riches is about a modern day family of ‘travelers,thieves or gypsies’. Minnie Driver is the wife. I always remember her from Circle of Friends and Goodwill Hunting. In the Riches, she has a real Alabama type accent, has skipped parole and is a druggie. The Riches is a more upscale version of Trailer Park Boys. Since they deal with people trying to survive real life by a life of crime.

Another great show that I discovered is Inside the Actors Studio on Bravo channel. James Lipton interviews celebrities such as Elton, Angelina, Queen Latifah, Morgan Freeman, Diana Ross, Paul Newman,Drew, Salma etc. Its really interesting to see how their creative process works.

Near the end of the show, the guests are always asked the same questions (they are supposed to be the perfect revealing interview questions): what turns you on, what turns you off, what sound do you like, what sound do you not like, favourite swear word, what profession would you prefer instead, what profession would you not ever do, and if heaven does exist- what would you like God to say to you when you arrive? I would love hear how you would answer them. And then the acting/film students get to ask the guest questions too.