Labour Day, Jamaica, May 23, 2013

Today is a bank holiday so we are not at the bank  because it is closed.  However, we told the staff that since the trainer is here this week only, if they worked today, they could  take Monday off.  Traffic was light coming in and the campus is deserted.  Typically, you would spend the day off doing community service work.  K said that his community would be whitewashing the sidewalks.  We offered to write him a note explaining his absence.

My security pass and temporary office cubicle.

UWI office pass and my office

UWI office cubicle


Our building which is a new call centre training facility.


Since it was a holiday, E gave them chocolate and I had leftover pears that we passed out at morning break.

I got a chance to walk around the campus. David suggested that I walk early in the morning before it gets too hot.  I walked around for 40 minutes.


The Papine sugar plantation  originated here and some of the original brick structures such as aquaducts and buildings  are still standing here.  They are pretty much in ruins but interesting to look at.


The Geology department has a commemorative obelisk consisting of local rocks, oldest at the bottom to the newest at the top.


Nearby is a time capsule to be opened up on the anniversary.

Geology Dept time capsule

There are local departments that you would only see on a tropical Caribbean campus.

sickle cell unit

and another Tropical Disease

tropical medicine research institute

University Of West Indies, Mona campus has a mix of old, low storied buildings as well as some new buildings being built.  It is the best university in the Caribbean.  Usain Bolt trained here.

one of newer buildings

new Law Building and the new Medical Sciences building  new Medical Sciences building

We ordered lunch at the campus KFC.  Original, spicy and barbeque chicken, biscuits, corn on the cob, fries, coleslaw and champagne cola (orange) and Pepsi.

other campus sights

a building mural

the Physics department

Physics building, note the wind turbine and domed structure.

Kingston, UWI Mona campus

the campus KFC is across from the library.  Unfortunately since it was a holiday, buildings were closed.

floral sights:

pretty small flowers, fragrant too

pretty fragrant flowers

pretty blossoms but watch the bottom…thorns

look at those thorns...

UWI campus

tropical campus view


driving here is tricky, you have to drive on the ring road,

tyre damage warning

and a sleeping policeman is a speed bump

back inside:

EQ Technologies staff

Omar is missing from the staff photo since he left early.  EB is standing next to David.



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