White House, Jamaica May 16th, 2013

First day at office. It is in a new building at the University of West Indies (UWI) Car pass to get on to campus. Sign in at lobby, record laptop ID, get visitors badge, pass security, pass receptionist, lots and lots of security checks. Meet staff.


White House, Kingston

Went for lunch at the White House restaurant which is a big white house featuring Chinese food. I asked if the curried chicken was spicy so she gave a me a small dish of it. Yes it was tasty but spicy. I chose the fried chicken instead and was asked light or dark meat.  The chicken was battered with a light tomato sauce, it reminded of Hong Kong style pork chops.    David ordered curried goat,  beef soup, and stewed vegetables that were green beans and carrots.   We chose to sit inside because its cooler and it open terraced.  Some of the tables were wood and some were plastic patio but all with cloth table clothes.  There was a huge downpour that didn’t last long.

Back to the lawyers.


Dinner at Fish Pot.  I ordered the grilled shrimp skewers this time.  Each shrimp had a piece of green pepper next to it.  Pumpkin rice has tiny pieces of pumpkin in it and gives the rice a yellow tinge of colour.  David had a large fish tea which is soup.

After dinner, there is a TV in the livingroom and the bedroom.  Satellite stations.  We watched Mindgames which has a lot of stars like LL Cool J, Tommy Lee Smith.  It is a psychological thriller, unique deaths, red herrings and a surprise ending.  And Moneyball

I packed art supplies  hoping to make some greeting cards but David suggested that I make cubicle signs for the staff so that they can learn each other names and for when on Skype with the Toronto team.  And tent cards for the classes with the trainer next week.  There goes my cardstock supply.


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