Jamaica May 17th, 2013

our rental apartment livingroom: David works at the dining table, I’m working at the coffee table. And there is a big flat screen TV.

Strathairn  Ave, Kingston

Friday: This is a working vacation for me.  I’m up 2 hours than my Toronto schedule.  I’m accompanying David to the office, lawyers and banks.  I am  using rubberstamps but not the art type but the seal type since all signed signatures need to be stamped.  All documents have to filled in by hand so everything takes longer. Banks open at 8 and close at 2 except for Fridays at 4.  We were there for so long (4 hours) that  the parking lot was locked so David had to walk back to get the security guard to unlock the gate for us.  Work stuff is rather boring so I will give more details about my meals.

We are eating breakfast in the apartment.  From the supermarket, I bought cheese, but it was New Zealand cheese.  Its not that I didn’t want local cheese but I didn’t see it.  I had local June Plum juice, which tastes faintly like a lemonade, very thick creamy consistency, best over ice and has ginger  in it.  They seem to add ginger to all the fruit drinks here, probably to cut the sugar taste.  The water is safe to drink but at the restaurants, they ask if you want bottled. I’ve been using tap water but then I also already had Twinrix shots from my trip to Japan.

Yesterday, we went to the Coconut Marketing board.   It is a small building.  David was asked to bring back some coconut drops which is sugar ginger coconut pieces.  It was the only item that I liked there.  I ordered a small bottle of coconut water which is okay to try but not to buy again.

coconut marketing hut

Today at the office, I handed out the cubicle signs.  I noticed later in the day, that the staff had put  them up.  It is there first week working together so Fo I noticed that not everyone remember names including me.  There is no printers installed yet so I made these signs by hand and coloured the logo with pencil crayons.  But this is not why I’m travelling with art supplies.

We had lunch downtown at a Chinese restaurant called Gourmet Gardens or Dragon Phoenix.  We wanted some place to sit down, quiet and cool.  We had passed by other fast food places that had lineups since it was lunch hour so this was further away. We ordered wonton soup that was made with eggroll wrappers,  they are much thicker than wonton wrappers but it had no shrimp in it and some bok choy.  And beef chowmein with extra vegetables.  It was a huge serving.

then for dinner, we had takeout Chinese food  for dinner at an upscale mall, Barbican.  I had sweet & sour chicken.

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