Japanese Tour Books

Paul let me his 2 travel guide books which I started to read.  I’m starting to get excited.

We had to replace the torsion spring on our garage door.  This meant that we couldn’t use our car until the service guy came.  We could have lifted the garage door manually but its a 10×7′ door.  Its like having your car locked in.

Eric went to the Chinese Embassy to get his visa today.

Adam is singing Chinese songs now.

Terra had her pet white rat with her today.   I’m trying not to be biased against it.  I’m fine as long as it in its travel case.

I spent yesterday weeding a rose garden for a client.  (a summer infill job).  I now hate roses.  I had to constantly reposition myself so that I wouldn’t get thorns in my bum when I was squatting down.   Actually it would have been nice if there were blooms then it wouldn’t have been so bad.  Only 3 of the bushes had blooms.

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