Adam’s Arrival

His flight arrived earlier so we rushed off to the airport.  Some of his friends went too so I made them hold  the banner that said “welcome home, Adam”  One strange guy saw it, read it and told  his arriving friend that we had made it for him because his friend’s name happened to Aaron.  We had to wait 1/2 hour before Adam came through the luggage doors.  Even strangers were clapping when we were cheering.  Then we got Adam to run through the banner.
One woman was holding a sign that said ‘congratulations, you made bail’ and on the other said it said Hacker.  It must have been a joke.

The most surprising thing for Adam to see was how much Ryan had changed;  grown taller, longer hair and contacts in 2 years.

Adam’s’ friends came over.  Adam unpacked and showed us everything that he brought back.  What was fake and what wasn’t.  The fans were a big hit.  Lots of tea. He didn’t have room for a tea set so I got paper cutouts.  His peking duck was confiscated by Vancouver customs.

Then they all tried shots of some booze that he brought back.  And dried fruits, seaweed and candy.   He didn’t realize a lot of stuff you can get here but more costly.

All the princes are home.

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