Cool Waters, Hot Women

Hot Women was the theme for Bizzy B’s Hive ATC meeting yesterday. It was a rowdier meeting more than usual due to the subject matter. S.V. went for the smut factor. C.M. said that she had suffered for her art since she was accused of buying porn, and not even good porn as artwork for her cards. She got a lot of strange looks as she was cutting up nudie figures while riding TTC. L.W. was really productive while she was waiting for the police since she had witnessed a B&E. MDW wasn’t as productive as she had hoped since her car was AWOL. Its these interesting background details that I find fun and enjoyable as well as what inspired people. S.V. said that she used parts of her daughter’s discarded bustier for her cards.

Suprisingly I wasn’t the only one who used mermaids for their cards. I really didn’t have any hot women images and I really wanted to use my mermaids. So I used the theme ‘ cool waters, hot women’. The hot women being mermaids. Mermaids were also known as sirens- singing their songs to lure sailors to their death. Can’t get any hotter than that.

I forgot that I could have used my postage stamps that have female nudes. In case you are wondering, what country would use female nudes as postage stamps, they come from some obscure African countries.

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  • Sorry I missed the Hot Women ATC exchange. I had some good ideas since I have a few Marilyn Munroe, Liz Taylor, Tina Turner (although it says Lena Wayback on it) stamps but never got around to making the ATCs. I’m still having a bit of stamper’s block although not as bad as earlier in the year. Maybe I’ll have to make a few ATCs with that exchange theme in time for the first SOS meeting in the fall (since I know you always have extras for trading).

    Interesting site you have here.

    1 Joanne Iwasa said this (July 15, 2007 at 6:01 pm)