Jamaica, May 19th

Woke up early which happens if you go to bed early.  However with the office closed, lawyer closed and bank closed, we are working at the apartment.  I’ve learnt how to add photos to my blog so that it should be a lot more interesting.

So the cherries are Acerola cherries.  I decide to freeze them as ice cubes since they are too sour to eat.

This is what is in our fridge here>

left to right: June Plum (has ginger), soursop, cherry, sorrel with ginger and mango carrot. And the supermarket has just as many Ginger teas as a Chinatown.

local fruit juices

We had lunch using up all leftover sides and making egg omelets.

We had to go to the airport to pick up someone E. from the airport.  Guess what I saw on the way to the airport as well as a huge pig grazing on the side of the road?  More goats except these were all  black.  I should mention that the road to the airport goes through a poorer part of town and then its a long causeway to the airport.  People are finishing along the water with long rods.

We picked him up and we all went out for dinner together.  It was at So So seafood restaurant.  The waitress showed us the fresh fish that you could order.  It was in a cooler in the back.  There was some parrot fish, very pretty and some snapper.  David ordered conch in oyster sauce, not spicy.  After discussion about parrot fish being better fried, I settled for snapper steamed in coconut milk, with okra and pumpkin and 1/2 fried not steamed bammy.  It was a little bit spicy but too spicy for E. He had to settle for steamed rice.  The fish entree came with  Irish, meaning white potatoes not sweet.  No photos since I left my data card behind.  Unfortunately, the music was so loud playing Whitney Houston that it was hard to talk.




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